Flagstaff Communications Ltd

Flagstaff challenges the traditional model of Financial PR & Investor Relations to deliver a new generation of consultancy advice

We’re committed to partnering with our clients to provide a service that’s innovative and enduring

Our approach to communications is totally integrated, to engage with stakeholders in all forms and channels. Flagstaff centres around regular and transparent communications with its clients and their stakeholders. Working collaboratively, we take the time to understand the complexity of our clients’ businesses and the challenges they face, before devising a tailored solution with clearly defined targets and goals.

With a comprehensive understanding of capital markets, and knowledge of the ever changing media and regulatory landscape, we work with companies at every stage in their life cycle, to ensure they receive the appropriate advice, expertise and support in their on-going corporate development.

Our Approach

Networking, experience, knowledge and intuition


Flagstaff’s team understand the mindset and expectations of a diverse and complex range of stakeholders, investors, press and competitors globally. Working together, we mobilise this experience to position our clients and their message.


We have extensive experience of working on complex and diverse projects across emerging and developed regions. Our extended network reaches beyond the traditional to deliver true value.


We’re focused on achieving long-term goals for the clients we work with, not short term and ineffective ‘wins’. We’ll agree a defined communications plan with clear and measurable objectives at the outset, and we’re happy to re-asses our thinking or alter strategies when needed.

Challenging the status-quo

The communications industry has seen a shift from the traditional large agency impersonal approach, toward more nimble and innovative boutique consultancies that are able to adapt quickly and intelligently. We’re not constrained by bureaucracy or tired ways of thinking and treat our clients equally as individuals

  • Investor & Capital Markets Communications
  • Sensitive Issues & Crisis Management
  • Brand and Identity Positioning
  • Reputation Management
  • Retail & Institutional Investor Relations
  • Private Client Broker Services
  • Video & Broadcast Training
  • Digital Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

A client-centric approach

Flagstaff operates a flat partnership structure with a senior hands-on team who take personal responsibility for each client. Unlike our industry’s major players, our clients are not a commodity. We are Market Cap agnostic and apply our big company experience to the mid-cap to small-cap sector.

With an unparalleled track record in FTSE, AIM, ASX, TSX, NASDAQ & Standard listings, we support clients in all sectors. As entrepreneurs, we put management and Company strategy at the heart of our work. Our stable client base benefits from our passion, advice and support.

Flagstaff is challenging the traditional model of FPR & IR. With creative thinking, diversification and a merge of Investor Communications, we are delivering a new generation of consultancy advice.